Artificial Intelligence for Family Medicine

What is the Artificial Intelligence for Family Medicine e-Course?

It’s a three-module e-course that explains Artificial Intelligence (AI) in practical terms and describes the major areas AI can be used to support physicians.

What topics are covered?

The e-course covers AI’s basic functionality in family medicine, core terminology and related concepts, and interactive activities.

AI is entering everyday lifeis your clinic ready? Learn about potential benefits and risks for family physicians, and critical skills for working with AI in everyday practice.

Module 1: The “What” of AI: Basic functionality with applications in family medicine

Learn to identify the challenges family physicians face with AI, learn tangible applications in family medicine, and get an understanding of the general landscape of AI in health care.

Module 2: The “How” of AI: Introduction to core terminology and related concepts

Learn core AI-related terminology and concepts and how to understand potential harms or risks associated with AI. Plus, understand how AI is expected to influence compassionate care and critical skills for physicians.

Module 3: “Under the Hood” of AI: Performance and interactive activities

Get hands-on knowledge of AI and how data and human decisions can impact performance. Learn how to tell if AI is working well and review concepts from the first two modules through interactive activities.

How many Mainpro+® credits can I earn?

This module can earn you up to Mainpro+® credits per module, with up to 3.25 Mainpro+ credits for completing the entire course. All credits earned include automatic credit entry.

How long will it take to complete?

Each module takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.

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