CFPCLearn Clinic: A new way of learning for family physicians 

What is CFPCLearn Clinic?

CFPCLearn Clinic is an interactive e-course where you work through 12 diverse patient cases in a virtual setting. While working through the patients’ various diagnoses and treatment plans, you will learn the clinical evidence that informs family physician decision making.

What topics are covered?

Topics are diverse and include medical conditions such as eczema, COPD, atrial fibrillation, and pap smears. This innovative and engaging teaching style takes a modern approach to continuing professional development.

CFPCLearn Clinic – A new way of learning

Choose-your-own adventure.

Select the patients who spark your curiosity or meet your learning goals.

Designed with family docs in mind.

Includes relevant topics seen in day-to-day practice and infused with practical considerations throughout.

Solve patient problems.

Take what you know and use it to make patient diagnoses.

Jam-packed with relevant content.

Offers tools such as decision aids, guidelines, research papers, and nuggets of practical information.

How many Mainpro+® credits can I earn?

Up to three certified Mainpro+® credits with automatic credit entry.

Is it free of pharmaceutical industry bias?

Yes, it’s completely free from pharmaceutical industry funding. 

How long will it take to complete?

Each patient scenario takes about 15 minutes to complete.