In this four-part series, Drs Anna Wilkinson, Alexandra Ginty,  Genevieve Chaput, Sian Shuel, and Nureen Sumar discuss the spectrum of cancer care from a family physician perspective. The series is also available as a podcast. In part three, Dr. Sian Shuel reviews surveillance and recurrence prevention.   Learning objectives are: Create a 4-domain approach to…

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David Coleman April 20, 2022

enjoyable and informative

Sophie-Anne Bouchard-Cyr May 16, 2022

Very good

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  • Dr. Alexandra Ginty MD CCFP(EM) FCFP
  • Dr. Anna Wilkinson MSc MD CCFP FCFP
  • Dr. Genevieve Chaput MD MEd CCFP FCFP
  • Dr. Nureen Sumar MD MSc CCFP
  • Dr. Sian Shuel MD CCFP(PC)

Spearkers do not have any conflicts of interest to declare.

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