FM Rounds #15: Interesting Cases In Hospital Medicine

Older adults can often present with moderate-severe intensity general symptoms and a broad workup may need to be supplemented with a detailed history. In this case, we explore one such case of an older adult with cryptic abdominal pain.   Learning objectives:  Understand the importance of a detailed and organized… Read More

FM Rounds #14: Taking an Environmental Exposure History

Environmental exposures have a significant impact on health and well-being, and family physicians play a crucial role in identifying and managing these exposures. Unfortunately, environmental exposures are often overlooked in clinical practice. Taking an environmental exposure history can help uncover potential causes for a patient’s symptoms or health conditions…. Read More

FM Rounds #13: Watery Diarrhea

Tune into our latest episode as MIGs family physician, Dr. Val Ginzburg discusses the topic of watery diarrhea as a common gastrointestinal and digestive health issue in family medicine practice…. This content is for *CFPC Member Rate, CFPC Member Rate, Non-CFPC Member Rate, and Resident members only.Login… Read More