FM Rounds #10: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria

“Confusion in seniors isn’t always a urinary tract infection (UTI)!” In this episode of Family Medicine Rounds, Dr. Cassandra Hoggard discusses the prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in the elderly and explains why UTIs in the elderly is a clinical diagnosis, not a laboratory diagnosis. Learning objectives: Understanding the prevalence of… Read More

FM Rounds #8: Caring for Patients Who Are Detained in Community Settings

Ever wish you had an approach to working with patients when they come into the office, emergency department, or hospital and are accompanied by law enforcement? This episode explores how racism, colonization, and other forms of oppression shape who is seeking healthcare while detained by law enforcement, and how family… Read More

FM Rounds #6: Delirium at End of Life: The Dying Brain

New research has improved new insights into the pathophysiology of neurotransmitter derangement in the delirious brain.  Hear how these derangements contribute to the morbidity and mortality of delirium.  Patient and caregiver experiences are also discussed. Learning objectives: Explore new insights in the delirium experience Examine Neurotransmitter derangement in the delirious… Read More