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Marie Nise Désiré August 14, 2022

No comments

Marie Nise Désiré August 14, 2022

No comments

Leendert Van Zyl October 1, 2022

Superficial information with little substance

Laurence Batmazian October 14, 2022

It is clear that the speaker is from a very well-resourced setting which detracted from the practicality of the recommendations. Very few places in Canada have a “social medicine response team” that can be paged on Sunday mornings. I also felt as if the speaker spent the first half of the podcast proving her credentials. It’s clear she is very intelligent, caring, and well-read. I think greater time could have been focused on practical recommendations.

joanne fellows December 15, 2022

This was a very practical podcast.

Armen Ambartsumyan February 28, 2023


Raphael Mtshali April 7, 2023

Very enjoyable and informative podcast!

Abdullah Turki July 23, 2023

Thanks a lot. keep it up

audrey Achtymichuk July 23, 2023

Don’t dismiss even tho old lady w new symptoms

Adeleye ADEBAYO August 14, 2023


Tammy Attia August 18, 2023

This podcast was not particularly helpful. It was quite scripted, and the case seemed quite straightforward and did not capture any of the nuances that are all too often in clinical practice. There is also a lot of pressure on family doctors from employers and insurance companies, who reject claims when there are no Firm diagnosis, and independent physicians from insurance companies and workplaces have the company’s interest at heart rather than the patients, often attributing diagnoses to psychological causes. There are very scant resources for referrals, and these cases are extremely time consuming with an enormous impact on patient quality of life and also for families Who is incomes have been severed. These issues need to be addressed in podcasts like these

Marie Lynn Lacasse September 6, 2023

Thank you for your dedication to family physician education

Kate Knuff October 18, 2023

Thank you for a referesher on some of the ddx for watery diarrhea. This is helpful both a) as a reminder to think further beyond “difficult to control IBS” if symptoms persists, and helps the average GP to make the case for colonoscopy when indicated by building that compelling differential.

Jennifer MacDonald February 18, 2024

Interesting case, thanks!

Gordon Bargh February 29, 2024

great presentation

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