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Samantha Moe February 5, 2021


Farouk Ebrahim April 15, 2021

excellent and short

carol kitai April 21, 2021

excellent presentation!!!

Norma Carter June 3, 2021

Again, only women can be pregnant.

Lauren Minty June 9, 2021


Fathi Badi June 30, 2021

No, Thanks

Faustin Solomon August 7, 2021

This is probably one of the most interesting educational videos I have watched on CFPCLearn. It was interesting, funny and full of very relevant scientific information. Well done to the presenters.

Jim Hargreaves August 14, 2021

great talk

dianne stackhouse February 16, 2022

n a

Giuliano Pomalaza June 21, 2022

It was only case presentations and not an approach to ankle injuries

Cheryl van Reenen August 17, 2022


Sadhana Gautama November 25, 2022

Excellent talk

David King December 13, 2022

Excellent overview

Allen Wong April 2, 2023


Jess Polley July 5, 2023

great talk!

Terri Luvisotto July 18, 2023


Bernadette Pahulje February 2, 2024

Would have been interesting to hear the questions from audience on thyroid nodules talk but I understand that they were delayed until after the next talk

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