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#94 Simplicity for simplex (cold sores): a pill in the pocket takes the tingling away

Do antivirals (oral or topical) or docosanol (Abreva®) improve healing time for patients with recurrent herpes labialis (cold sores)?

One or two doses of famciclovir may improve cold sore healing by about 2 days, while valacyclovir and longer courses of topical acyclovir or docosanol (Abreva®may improve healing by 0.5-1 day

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Placebo-controlled randomized controlled trials (RCT) of: 
  • Immunocompetent patients with recurrent cold sores (most ≥3 episodes/year). 
  • Starting treatment ≤1 hour of prodrome symptoms (unless specified). 
Oral antivirals: 
  • Three larger RCTs: 
    • Famciclovir: 1500mg x1 or 750mg BID x1 day (477 patients).1 
    • Valacyclovir: 1 day (2g BID) or 2 day (2g BID then 1g BID) (1856 patients).2 
    • Acyclovir: 400mg 5 times/day x5 days (174 patients).3 
  • Healing time improvement: 
    • Famciclovir: 2-2.5 days. 
    • Valacyclovir: 0.5~1 day. 
    • Acyclovir: not significant.  
Topical acyclovir: 
  • RCT: acyclovir 5% cream 5 times/day x4 days (1341 patients).4 
    • Healing time improved ~0.5 day.  
Docosanol 10% (Abreva®): 
  • RCT: docosanol 5 times/day started <12 hours of symptoms until healing occurred (743 patients).5 
    • Healing time improved ~0.75 day.  
  • No direct comparisons of different oral agents.1,2 
  • Many studies industry-supported1-4,5 and by same author.1-4 
  • Antivirals generally help cold sores heal in 4-5 days versus 5-6 days.1-4 
  • 35% of patients experience >4 recurrences per year.6  
  • Cost for treating one recurrence (using study dose regimens):  
    • Oral antivirals: ~$20 (valacyclovir 1 day) to $44 (acyclovir 5 days). 
    • Topical acyclovir (4g) ~$40 or docosanol (2g) ~$25. 
  • Health Canada has approved only valacyclovir for treating cold sores,7 while FDA has approved valacyclovir,8 famciclovir9 and acyclovir9,11 (oral and topical).  
updated jan 29, 2018

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  • Hoan LInh Banh BScPharm PharmD
  • Michael R Kolber MD CCFP MSc
  • Tony Nickonchuk BScPharm CDE APA

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